The Gesture and the Sign

Group Exhibition. White Cube São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

3 April 2013 – 8 June 2013

'Beautiful Whimsical Painting' (2007)

Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2013

With an emphasis on the actual process of painting, lyrical or gestural abstraction can be characterised by techniques that are governed by the artist’s interaction with chance, intuition and circumstance. Triggered by diverse conditions and impulses, the paintings and works on paper in this exhibition share a common purpose in the primacy given to the gesture, the sign and material.

Three Hirst 'spin paintings' are included in the exhibition, because, as the gallery explains, they "point to the foundation of gestural abstraction, which places significance on techniques such as dripping, dabbing or flinging paint onto the surface of a canvas. The energetic execution of the painting is governed by the artist’s control, and the immediacy of the gesture is captured and locked in an instant."

‘The Gesture and the Sign’ is curated by Susan May, Artistic Director, White Cube.

Other featured artists are: Kristin Baker, Mark Bradford, Sergej Jensen, Jacob Kassay, Julie Mehretu, David Ostrowski, Sterling Ruby and Daniel Senise.