Damien Hirst: The Acquired Inability to Escape / The Acquired Inability to Escape, Inverted and Divided and Other Works

12 November 1993 – 23 December 1993
Solo Exhibition. Galerie Jablonka, Cologne, Germany.

Installation view. Photographed by Nic Tenwiggenhorn. Courtesy Jablonka Gallery, Cologne © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2012

Eight new ‘Controlled Substance’ spot paintings were exhibited throughout the gallery, accompanied by their variously sized corresponding key paintings. Also shown were Hirst’s MDF cigarette cabinet, ‘Dead Ends Died Out, Examined’ (1993), and sculptural variations of ‘The Acquired Inability to Escape’ (1991): ‘The Acquired Inability to Escape (Inverted and Divided)’ (1993); and ‘The Acquired Inability to Escape (Divided)’ (1993).

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition included an essay by the writer Gordon Burn, a close friend of Hirst’s (Jablonka Galerie, 1993).