New Religion

13 October 2005 – 19 November 2005
Solo Exhibition. Paul Stolper Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

All Hallow's Church, London Wall, 2007.

The exhibition included a series of silkscreen prints, as well as paintings and sculptures, addressing Hirst’s conviction that “science is the new religion for many people. It’s as simple and as complicated as that really.”[1]

Works shown included a cedarwood crucifix inlayed with pewter pills (‘New Religion’ (2005)) and silkscreen prints depicting biblical chapters with images of corresponding medication. 

After being exhibited at Paul Stolper Gallery in 2005, ‘New Religion’ was presented in All Hallows Church, London Wall, in 2007. On the occasion of this show, a triptych of sky-blue butterfly monochrome paintings were installed in the church’s altar space. 

In 2006, a book corresponding to the exhibition was published containing an  interview with Hirst by Sean O'Hagan, and Thomas Hardy’s poem ‘God’s Funeral’ (Other Criteria/Paul Stolper Gallery, 2006).

[1] Damien Hirst cited in Sean O’Hagan, ‘Interview’, ‘New Religion‘ (Other Criteria/Paul Stolper Gallery, 2006).