Damien Hirst

In association with the British Council.

16 October 1992 – 30 November 1992
Solo Exhibition, Third International Istanbul Biennial
Istanbul, Turkey

Where is God Now?

For his first solo exhibition in New York, Hirst showed a series of works at the home of the collectors Jay and Donatella Chiat.

2 October 1992
Solo Exhibition, Jay & Donatella Chiat
New York, United States

Internal Affairs

‘Internal Affairs’ was Hirst’s first solo exhibition at a public gallery. It included works from Hirst’s most autobiographical series.

13 December 1991 – 2 February 1992
Solo Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Arts
London, United Kingdom

When Logics Die

‘When Logics Die’ was Hirst’s first solo exhibition in Europe.

12 September 1991 – 26 October 1992
Solo Exhibition, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
Paris, France

In and Out of Love

‘In and Out of Love’, an exhibition of the eponymous installation, was Hirst’s first solo exhibition in London. The piece is one of his most important early works.

21 June 1991 – 26 July 1991
Solo Exhibition, Woodstock Street
London, United Kingdom

An installation by Damien Hirst

Hirst’s second solo show was hosted at the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow (which now houses the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow). The exhibition consisted of an installation in which the white walls of the gallery foyer were painted in their entirety with ‘Pharmaceutical’ spots.

11 March 1989 – 22 April 1989
Solo Exhibition, Third Eye Centre
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Constructions and Sculpture

‘Constructions and Sculptures’ was Hirst’s first solo exhibition.

6 March 1988
Solo Exhibition, The Old Court Gallery
Windsor, United Kingdom