A new work is now viewable on the live studio feed

The previous piece, part of Hirst’s new ‘Pie Charts and Signs’ series is viewable via timelapse film. It has now been replaced with a ‘Fact’ painting.

‘Santa Monica Target Practice Painting’ (2012) © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2012

10 October 2012

The painting that has been viewable for over a month on the live web feed is now finished and has been replaced with a ‘Fact’ painting. A timelapse film of the completed ‘Sign’ painting, titled ‘Santa Monica Target Practice’ (2012) is now available on our Live Feed page. The painting is completed in sign writing paint depicts a poster showing Santa Monica Police Weapons Department target practise.

Hirst began work on the ‘Fact’ painting series in 2000. Explaining, “a photograph is from a moment. Painting is about stopping to look at the world, considering it, and giving it more importance”[1], his goal with this series has always been to attempt to reproduce photographs exactly in complete, realistic detail through the traditional medium of oil on canvas. The paintings explore our relationship with imagery. Hirst explains: “I want you to believe in them in the same way as you believe in the ‘Medicine Cabinets'. I don’t want them to look clever, but to convince you. I’m using painting to produce something that looks like a bad quality reproduction – the painting process is hidden as it is in my work ‘Hymn’, which looks like plastic, but is bronze underneath.”[2]

The painting whose fabrication will be tracked live on the website takes as its subject matter an image of a butterfly taken from scientific photo libraries. See other works in this series on our Catalogue of Work.

[1] Damien Hirst cited in ‘Epiphany: A Conversation with Damien Hirst’, Hans Ulrich Obrist, ‘End of an Era’ (Other Criteria/Gagosian Gallery, 2012), unpag.

[2] Damien Hirst cited in ‘Interview with Damien Hirst’, Sarah Kent (Time Out, November 2006)