18 July 2012

Hirst spin painting now on display in Museums Sheffield

‘Beautiful Morana Dysgeusia Painting for Jarvis (with Diamonds)’ (2011) is currently on long term loan from Jarvis Cocker, to the Graves Gallery.
5 July 2012

The second work that was viewable on the studio feed has been completed and full timelapse film is now available

After a one month fabrication process, the painting that website visitors have been watching via live footage from Hirst’s studio, is now finished. The feed is now following a new sculpture; one of Hirst’s iconic diamond cabinets.
29 June 2012

Damien Hirst and Rankin’s film collaboration showing at Nova Festival

‘Myths, Monsters and Legends’, an exploration of imagined narratives and monsters of past civilisations is showing as part the arts and music festival 5th – 8th July.
29 June 2012

Other Criteria are currently showing free film screenings of the Damien Hirst documentary ‘Thoughts, Work, Life’

Throughout the week the film will be showing in the photography room at the Hinde Street space.
21 June 2012

Today The London Evening Standard unveil an exclusive cover featuring Damien Hirst artwork

Hirst’s cover marks the opening of London 2012 Festival and coincides with his major retrospective at Tate Modern.
21 June 2012

Spin paintings from Tate’s event in support of Kids Company are now on display in Covent Garden

The efforts of over 60 talented children as well as a unique painting Hirst created with Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh are being exhibited until July 2nd.
15 June 2012

Art critic Brian Dillon to lecture on Damien Hirst at Tate Modern on June 25th

At 18.30 in the Starr Auditorium, Dillon will be giving a talk on the work of Hirst to coincide with Tate Modern's current exhibition of the artist.
14 June 2012

Schoolchildren make spin paintings with Damien Hirst in Covent Garden Piazza

Over 150 children from around the UK were given the unique opportunity to make spin paintings in the style of Hirst’s own iconic series, with the help of the artist and Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh.
10 June 2012

On June 14th UK schoolchildren will have the opportunity to make their own Damien Hirst style spin paintings

The spin painting event will be held in London’s Covent Garden piazza and involves the charity Kids Company.
6 June 2012

‘Child Hood – The Real Event’: a collaborative exhibition between Kids Company and the Royal Academy of Arts on display until July 22nd

Kids Company, one of Damien Hirst's key supported charities, is presenting an exhibition of work created by over 400 children and young people at the RA's 6 Burlington Gardens galleries.