Modern Medicine

Group Exhibition. Building One, London, United Kingdom.

1 March 1990

The exhibition included the work of eight artists, all students or recent graduates. Hirst collaborated with Angus Fairhurst to show ‘Gimme Red’ (1990). This work consisted of a photographic print of one of Hirst’s ‘Medicine Cabinets, repetitively punctured with the plastic clothing tags Fairhurst employed in numerous early works. Fairhurst has stated of the tags: “If somehow you get closer to a truth by blowing something up, a distance is retained through the introduction of a second element. Tagging is a pretty mundane activity.”[1]

Also exhibited was Mat Collishaw’s enormous untitled light installation, which was projected onto the warehouse wall over the exposed piping. The work featured a triptych of images of a woman chained to a ceiling wall, fully decipherable only from a distance.

‘Modern Medicine’ was made possible by donations gathered by the curators from a collection of 19 galleries and institutions, including the London Docklands Development Corporation, The Prince’s Trust and Southbank Centre. As with ‘Freeze’, a highly finished exhibition catalogue, designed by Tony Arefin, was produced on the occasion of the exhibition, including an essay by Angus Fairhurst.

The featured artists were Mat Collishaw, Grainne Cullen, Dominic Denis, Angus Fairhurst, Damien Hirst, Abigail Lane, Miriam Lloyd and Craig Wood.


[1] Angus Fairhurst cited in Liam Gillick, ‘Interview’, ‘Gambler’ (1990), unpag.