Carl Plackman and His Circle

Group Exhibition. Pangolin, London, United Kingdom.

16 January 2019 – 2 March 2019

'7 Pans', 1987 © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2019

Pangolin London will showcase Carl Plackman’s work alongside that of his ‘circle’ of friends, pupils and colleagues whose work can still be seen to resonate with Plackman’s own, long after his death. Largely overlooked within the canon of British art history, perhaps partly due to his early death, Pangolin London aims to not only highlight Plackman’s importance within the British art scene but to offer viewers an insight to an incredibly exciting period of British Sculpture when a new generation of ‘object’ sculptors blazed a trail for conceptual art. This period also coincided with a golden age for British art education where professional artists worked alongside their students provoking dialogue and challenging perceptions.

Hirst's 1987 piece, '7 Pans', features in the exhibition. This early work demonstrates how the pure arrangement of colour has been a long-standing concern of the artist. This interest would later lead to his iconic 'Spot Paintings'.