22 February 2007 – 5 April 2007
Solo Exhibition. Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills and Davies Street, Los Angeles and London, United States.

Photograph © Douglas M. Parker Studio, L.A, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2012

The ‘Kaleidoscope’ paintings reference stained-glass windows in their intricate geometric patterns. Many of the pieces included in ‘Superstition’ were made on pointed arch shaped canvases. Hirst titled each work twice, his own allusions to spirituality and religious iconography accompanied by references to the poetry of Philip Larkin, taken largely from the poet’s final published volume, ‘High Windows’ (1974) (‘Sympathy in White Major - Absolution II’ (2006)).

To accompany the exhibition, a fully illustrated catalogue was published, including texts by writers John Banville and Richard Bradford, as well as Larkin poetry (Other Criteria/Gagosian Gallery, 2007).